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Everyone say hello to Atheist’s Wager, written by a newbie to the blogosphere!

In his first post, we read:

I have been an atheist since I was twelve years old. Most of my friends are atheists too, so sometimes I forget that most people have a belief in God. I’m not much for political correctness and rarely censor myself, but I don’t go around provoking religious people. There is very little to be gained by arguing with those who have faith. Their beliefs cannot be proven and they are not going to believe me regardless of my arguments against faith. I don’t usually have the time and energy for a senseless disagreement where neither side gains anything but annoyance with each other.

There’s also a longer explanation of Pascal’s Wager and the atheist rebuttal to it.

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  • J. K. Jones

    I was unaware Christians had no proof for their views.

    I’d be interested to hear where you get that notion.