The New Humanism Conference Recap, Part 2

Clark Adams wrote a biting critique of The New Humanism conference on the Internet Infidels Discussion Board (IIDB), though he prefaces his remarks with the following:

I greatly admire and respect Greg Epstein, Tom Ferrick and others who established and run the Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy. I think all major universities should have one, especially when tragedies like the one at Virginia Tech occur. Only a few universities in the US have one (Harvard, Columbia and Adelphi).

That said, here’s his review.

Chris Hallquist also has a recap on his site. There’s a a hilarious anecdote involving Salman Rushdie that’s well worth the read.

[tags]atheist, atheism, Clark Adams, The New Humanism, IIDB, Greg Epstein, Tom Ferrick, Harvard, Humanist Chaplaincy, Virginia Tech, Columbia, Adelphi, Chris Hallquist, Salman Rushdie[/tags]

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