I Sold My Soul on eBay on eBay

It was bound to happen eventually.

Someone is selling I Sold My Soul on eBay on eBay.

And with that, my life has come full circle. One full, wacky, twisted circle.

Though for $6 shipping, you’re much better off getting the book on Amazon…

Should I be offended that the book is being sold in “new mint unread condition”?

As it turns out, there are no reviews for the book on the site… so I submitted one myself:

This is the best book about an atheist going to church that I’ve ever read. Or written. I’m judging my worth as a human being based on how much this auction goes for.

— Hemant Mehta

(Thanks to Joe for the link!)

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  • Miko

    The book is also listed under “Fiction” for some reason…

  • http://www.leestrobel.com/ Bryan

    Lee Had the Rare Opportunity to Ask the Famous Former Atheist Questions Such As: Why Did Your Beliefs Change? What Was Your Impression of C.S. Lewis? What is God Like? Why Do You Hope There Isn’t an Afterlife