Point of Inquiry Interview

I am guest on the most recent Point of Inquiry podcast! Point of Inquiry is a weekly online radio show put out through the Center for Inquiry.

You can download the MP3 through this link.

Or better yet, subscribe to the show through iTunes and just listen to them each week. It’s the best podcast out there for non-religious people– You’ll be glad you listened.

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  • I just listened and enjoyed it very much. I have not yet bought the book (but plan to), and I’m curious — were you able to visit any Pentecostal churches, particuarly any associated with the UPCI? That’s the Christian sect that I left when I deconverted, and I would be very interested in an outsider’s perspective.

  • Stephen– For the purposes of the book, I stuck mostly to evangelical Christian churches. I didn’t go to Pentecostal ones, though I did once visit a Vineyard church…

  • Mriana

    Oh way cool! I have to get this podcast! 😀

    BTW, now that I have my hugh term paper out of the way and only two finals to deal with a week from Monday, I can finish reading your book and soon have a review on your book written for you. (If you are working on another degree, you know the work doesn’t get any easier or less for that matter.)

  • Mriana

    Now I also know how to pronounce your last name correctly too. 😀 I was using a short “eh” for Meh, not an “a” sound. lol