Well, This is Sadly Ironic

From the Chicago Tribune:

[Rev. Daryl] Bujak, pastor of First Missionary Baptist Church, was initially charged with battery after authorities said he disciplined a 12-year-old girl with a piece of wood, causing welts and bruises. The girl’s mother took her to the pastor for guidance because she did not believe her daughter’s story that she had been abused.

There’s more to the story, including how Bujak failed to inform state authorities about the little girl’s molestation claims, which he is legally obligated to do. Mojoey can tell you more of the story.

It’s sad how this girl’s going to have trust issues the rest of her life… her family doesn’t believe her. Her pastor beats her with a three foot board. Ugh. Makes you sick just thinking about it.

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  • spin sycle

    I sincerely hope she gets the help she needs….that’s a horrible thing to live with.

  • This is a bit confusing. In chasing up the news of this, there are apparently two different pastors that have been arrested recently.

    One is Darryl Bujak, pastor of First Missionary Baptist Church; the other is Fritzner Jean, pastor of First Haitian Baptist Church of Jesus Christ. Two different incidents, I think; both involving abuse of of a young girl.

  • Tim

    Wow…that’s pretty ridiculus…It’s sad that we have to see the horrible things that are happening today…even in the Churches where we aren’t supposed to do those sorts of things.

  • Ugh. 🙁 Poor girl. This made me genuinely sad.

  • Alison

    I went to private (elementary) school with this guy. He was a screw up then, too.

  • sean

    Please people don’t talk about stuff without having the facts. I know Fritzner personally and I can say for FACT he didn’t abuse anyone. Whats sad is how people are quick to judge a situation and how “christians” like to test there pastors faith. So please be mindful that alot of you people don’t know these pastors that you are so quick to judge. When your brother or sister is in trouble pray for them. Please everyone check your heart and your mouth.