If This Site Looks Cleaner Today…

It’s because Tim Stiffler helped me fix a few HTML problems!

Show him some love by checking out his blog, Righteous Path!

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  • http://www.righteouspath.org Tim

    Haha! Thanks a lot, Hemant! I wasn’t expecting this! I appreciate the blog of thanks!

  • Kim G

    Thanks Tim. I’d love to check your site out, but I generally don’t like going to sites that automatically start downloading video content unless I have a really compelling reason. I guess I’m a little bandwidth conscious because of work, I’m sure they monitor that statistic. But when I went to your blog, my browser froze for a few seconds while it loaded your blog. Maybe I’ll check out the Google cache of your blog. A potential work around for you (just a friendly suggestion) would be to only display the last 10 (arbitrary) posts on your homepage.


  • http://www.righteouspath.org Tim

    Thanks, Kim G…I’m gonna change that right now, then!

  • Mriana

    Nice blog site, Tim.