Atheist Alliance International Convention 2007

You can now download the schedule and registration form (PDF) for the Atheist Alliance International convention, taking place in Washington, D.C. Friday through Sunday, September 28-30.

There are festivities beforehand as well.

Guests will include practically everyone who has written a book about atheism that appeared on the New York Times Bestsellers List:

In addition, there will be Charles Darwin’s great-great-grandson Matthew Chapman, science advocate Eugenie Scott, humorist Pastor Deacon Fred, and many others!

How much to attend, you ask?

A bit pricey, for good reason.

Admission for the full conference runs from a total of $170 (for a student with ID) to $235 for non-member adults. More specifics can be found in the PDF. At the moment, registration is not online.

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  • Karen

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali ?

    Ooooohhhhh, am I tempted! What’s the registration deadline, Hemant?

  • benj

    Dammit, I’m stuck at the third world!!! HELP! :(

  • Paul T

    I went to the home page for the Atheist Alliance International , and I didn’t see Sam Harris listed as a speaker. Can you confirm that he is scheduled to participate?

  • Cat’s Staff

    Sam Harris will be speaking Friday… He was a recent addition so he hasn’t been added to the list on the main page…yet. The current schedule/registration form is available here.

  • FriendlyAtheist

    The registration deadline before the prices go up is September 1, so just send in the form before then!

    And Sam Harris is a confirmed speaker.

    AAI’s website will be updated soon, I’m sure, with all this information.

  • Karen

    Man, with all those atheists in one place, I have to wonder what the security detail is going to be like. Seriously.