Jim’s Speech at the University of Washington

Jim Henderson spoke to a group of Christians and atheists Monday night. Oxymoronredundancyparadoxtrap has a nice writeup of the event.

Here’s an excerpt:

A young man talked about growing up in a really conservative baptist church, and how hard it was to get out of his head the thought that he, and/or others, would go to hell if they didn’t maintain a correct belief. He asked Jim how Jim would respond to someone saying he was going to burn in hell for failing to believe “correctly”? Jim empathized with the young man and went on to say that if such a god exists, who sends people to hell for incorrect belief, then he, Jim, wasn’t super interested and would probably end up burning in hell with all the other unbelieving or incorrectly believing people.

That’s Jim for you :)

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  • http://mailemccarthy.com/ Maile

    I share both the young man’s concern and Jim’s response.
    The trouble is figuring out how to use a rational answer to combat an emotional problem. But at least it’s a start!

  • http://oxymoronredundancyparadoxtrap.blogspot.com benjamin ady


    thankyou for the link. I’m sorry about your loss of your friend Clark.