Not Offensive At All…

The Islamic Adam and Eve, by artist Hamid Bahrami:


(Thanks to Logos for the link.)

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  • Mikel

    Naw, if that were the Islamic Eve, her legs would have to be covered too.

  • Shivani

    LOL now that’s something but she needs to be covered more and walk at least four paces behind him 😉

  • Mriana

    Oh brother. :eyeroll: Looks very Islamic to me.

  • Tina B.

    Hilarious…never seen this before!

  • Rahil

    WOW, such ignorance. To actually attempt to depict what the Adam (peace be upon him) is ignorance in itself. Whether you believe in it or not, to go so far as to mock Islam is this way, that is very ignorant of you.

    And not only are you offending Muslims in this way (I know this because I am Muslim myself), but you are also attempting to offend other Islamic values such as the Hijab, which by the way is NOT just the headscarf, but it is a dresscode, the mannor in which you hold and present yourself, the way you speak. Everything! Even men should wear Hijab (not the headscarf as some ignorant people might think of the Hijab as) but to be covered from the navel to the knees. That is the dresscode part of the Hijab for men.

    So please, do try not to be so ignorant. Thank you.

  • Mriana

    :roll: Oh brother! Not one of them. I seriously doubt it is ignorance. You go Hemant and pay him no mind.

  • Razzi khan

    if its disighner is a muslim thats very shame ful. such snaps should not allowed to see and not to creat.This imagination produce very bad effect

  • Shar

    hahha,,, i love this work… and no it is Not Offensive,, and not shameful at all. i find this disigher very open minded.. beautifull peace.

  • MonolithTMA

    I’m all for respecting religious belief, but will offer nothing, but a big “Screw You!” to any religious practice that subjugates and degrades women or any other group. Great cartoon!

  • akber

    As a cartoonist myself i have never unrespectful to any religion or believes. you not only ignorant but like Rushdee and Dennish cartoonist a “literate disaster”.
    Well….. you are not the only one so enjoy yourself in this world.

  • Abdullah

    Lovers Thus distorting the image of Islam But if you look at the fact that Islam is the right to review, it is better to Ogdtm religions.