He’s Still Smarter Than Ken Ham

From today’s Onion:

An excerpt:

We can look at the fossil record and trace many of our genetic traits back to ancient species. In fact, scientific reasoning can explain nearly every stage of life from the Big Bang to the present day. I say “nearly” because the period that scientists claim lasted from roughly 205 to 250 million years ago, commonly known as the Triassic period, was quite obviously the work of the Lord God Almighty.

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  • Is that Bob Barker?


  • Rob Linford

    He looks pretty darn old, maybe he was there?

  • Richard Wade

    Stephen Jossler is hilarious. Read the whole article and you’ll see this is very skillful satire.

  • I have always been interested in ancient times! my favorite is the legend of Atlantis! as a child dreamed of finding her and a bunch of technology!