Oh no! Mommy’s Going To Yell At Me!

Greg at Free Mind Joe reminds us not to click on this link. Don’t do it!




You just don’t listen, do you…?

Well, you deserve the punishment.

If you missed it, the FAQ on that site is quite amusing.

(On a personal note, I got to meet Greg at the Rally for Reason— his version of the event is here. Very nice guy, that Greg. If he’s not on your blogroll, fix that now.)

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  • http://atheista.net benj

    Ok, I just linked it to my site as well. I wonder what will happen next. haha

  • Carlos

    Check to see what these christian american cops have been doing in 40-some countries as avanegilestic work…….. http://www.redseamedia.info where they’ve been doing illegal training in firearms for foreigneers

  • Alice

    Not Mother!

  • http://atheista.net benj

    This brings back a lot of memories. This was exactly how I became atheist!

  • Mriana

    😆 Yup! I clicked on it and I’m not ashamed. What fun! 😀