Christians Hurting Christianity

Have any of you (Christian or atheist or otherwise) had encounters with Christians who were well-meaning about sharing their faith, but actually ended up pushing you further away from Christianity?

I imagine this happens more frequently that we think.

I’m not talking about Fred Phelps or Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell or other “fringe” types. I mean normal, everyday people.

At a church. During college. Maybe a neighbor.

Is there someone who intended on helping you find God (or in the case of Christians, worship in a better way, perhaps), but did it in a way that just backfired completely?

What happened? Why didn’t their “tactic” work? What were you thinking/feeling?

I’d love to hear those stories.

(By the way, I’m aware there are atheists who do similar things and push people away from atheism. But let’s keep this thread limited to Christians. We’ll talk about atheists-gone-bad in another post soon.)

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