Siamang shares some examples of people going to Christian places for money.

This one in particular hit a nerve:

We need you to visit five churches in the Toronto area during the month of June with our host Drew Marshall. In return for your time and opinions based on your non-churched experience, The Drew Marshall Show will pay you $100 per church and invite you to be our guest during our July 7th show to share your experience. No catch, no proselytising, no pressure!

We just need you to help the Church see itself as you see it!

Hmm… $500 for going to church. And they (two people were chosen) are college students… and they started a blog afterwards…

Never heard that one before 😛

But I’ll take Siamang’s advice to heart:

Hemant should take this as only the sincerest form of flattery.

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  • I told you that you should go on his show.

  • Hemant, I’m not sure if you saw my comment to Siamang – scroll down to May 5th and see who Drew Marshall’s guests were that day:

    The Drew Marshall Show Audio Archives

    I think that’s where he got the idea.

  • Mriana

    Paying people to go to church? Something about that seems wrong. Why not give money to charities that help people? Or better yet, just help people with the money?

  • Vincent

    I take part in consumer surveys and “secret shopper” studies.
    I’ve never heard of one paying that much. Sign me up!