MySpace for the Richard Dawkins Crowd now has a social network similar to MySpace and Facebook.

It still has some kinks, but if enough people sign up, it could hit a critical mass and become useful.

My profile’s up (be my friend!), nicely copied and pasted from my Facebook page.

I tried searching for people who lived near me. But apparently, none of the 2416 people currently signed up live within 100 miles of Chicago. Either that, or the search option needs to be fixed.

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  • Lee

    Hey, I’m on! My screen name in chat is wvlovelee. If I can figure out how to add you, I will. And we really need more people in there… chat is kinda lonely right now. There are about a dozen regulars in there when I go in… but also four other empty rooms. It’ s in need of new blood.

  • Lee

    Okay, I’ve sent you a friend request and I’ve set up introductions for you with the RD friends I have thus far.

  • Tina B.

    Cool, will check it out.