How to Blog about Atheism

Austin Cline presents some excellent tips on “how to blog more effectively about atheism, philosophy, and religion.”

Despite that focus, it’s just a good list for people who want to start a blog about anything, really.

Except for one thing. There was one tip that stood out to me — It applies to atheism and perhaps only a handful of other topics.

Should You Write Anonymously?:
Anonymous blogging is an especially serious question for atheists because of how much prejudice and discrimination there is against atheism. If you sign your real name to what you write about atheism and religion, assume that your parents, coworkers, and neighbors will find it. Assume that future dates will also find it. Assume that people where you apply for your next job will find it. If you don’t want them reading it, blog anonymously.

Personally, I’m against the anonymity. I know it’s caused some friction with some people I know, and I’m sure it’ll come into play when I begin teaching high school this year. But I don’t want to keep my atheism hidden. I’m proud of it!

Of course, so are many of the anonymous bloggers. I understand why they choose to keep it a secret. But if we continue hiding it, it’s going to be that much harder to make atheism more acceptable in society.

Why do the anonymous atheist bloggers conceal their identity? Is it work-related? Family-related? Some other reason?

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