Ted Haggard and Richard Dawkins Meet Monty Python

What happens when you take this…

and this…

and mash them up?

You get this:

(Thanks to Helen for the link!)

[tags]atheist, atheism, Monty Python, Richard Dawkins, Ted Haggard, Root of All Evil?, dead parrot[/tags]

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  • http://psychodiva.blogspot.com/ Pam

    very funny, very appropriate :)

  • Mriana

    Haggard is a quack and nut IMHO. I can’t stand him and he rakes on my very last nerve.

  • Tina B.

    Ditto on Haggard! Funny video though.

  • Maria

    lol, I love it. I saw another paraody of this I’m going to send you………..

  • Maria

    PS I read Mike Jone’s book on Haggard. It was very eye-opening…….