Baby vs. Snake

I’m not a big fan of tradition. I’m also not a big fan of snakes.

I am a fan of dead baby jokes.

So you would think I’d be conflicted about this video… (warning: it’s graphic):

Makes you want to vomit, doesn’t it?

It’s appalling. Disturbing. Dangerous. Forget tradition; these parents need to be locked up. I’ll adopt the baby. It’s cute.

Apparently, pitting baby against cobra is a rite of passage (or as this article says, “a ‘bite’ of passage) for snake-charming families in India. It is supposed to teach the child not to fear the snake.

The cobra has been defanged and its mouth is stitched up. But it doesn’t make the video any less frightening. Not to mention that cobras’ fangs grow back quickly, according to animal rights groups protesting this practice.

Even if the fangs are not an issue, the last few seconds of the video are even scarier. And they showcase another danger with this practice.

Where’s the critical thinking when you need it?

(via Sepia Mutiny)

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