Watch Carl Sagan’s Cosmos for Free!

Here’s your chance to view Carl Sagan’s incredible series Cosmos online (for free). You need a DivX player and a high speed Internet connection.

And don’t you dare call yourself an atheist until you’ve seen all of these.

(I’m going to take my own advice. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t seen these yet.)

Atheist Perspective (thank him for the links) says this about Sagan:

I my opinion Carl Sagan is one of the greatest men ever to have lived. An inspiration for a generation. Sagan showed us the joy of wondering, and sparked excitement in the minds of all he touched. He was, and still is, a candle in the dark.

Episode 4 is missing, but the others are here:

Episode 1.

Episode 2.

Episode 3.

Episode 5.

Episode 6.

Episode 7.

Episode 8.

Episode 9.

Episode 10.

Episode 11.

Episode 12.

Episode 13.

Have a great Sunday!

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  • Lou Doench

    That’s all I can say…

  • Gadren

    Thank you SO MUCH for linking this! I’ve wanted to watch the entire series for some time now…

    I hope I don’t sound sappy, but when I hear Sagan talk, I feel such a sense of wonder and awe at the universe that I want to cry. And not the empty “wonder” that religious people have about the “amazing creation of God.” That wonder is dependent on remaining ignorant of reality, of finding enlightenment in not understanding the universe. Sagan’s awe is far more transcendent, because the more we understand the universe, the more wonderful it is.

  • Tammy

    TGIS- Thank goodness it’s Sunday, and thanks for linking this! It should be required viewing, for everyone, everywhere. I only wish there was something along the lines of Cosmos, but for young children-if anyone can suggest anything like that, I’d be most appreciative.

  • Emmanuel

    And don’t you dare call yourself an atheist until you’ve seen all of these.

    As an atheist, I highly resent that remark.