Countdown to Harry Potter 7: 4 Days

Cracked present “6 Questions The Last Harry Potter Book Had Better F#@king Answer“:

Occam’s razor suggests that the simplest explanation—Snape is evil— is likely the correct one. But for Snape to be truly evil, that means that Dumbledore would have been wrong about something. And until we see proof of that, we’re going to stick with our needlessly convoluted conspiracy theory. In other words, fuck you, Occam’s razor. You’re one smug principle we can live without.

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  • My prediction? A whole army of fans will spam every blog on Earth with “WARNING SPOILER ALERT” or start complaining about people who don’t put up “SPOILER ALERT” warnings. This will be followed up with “Spoiler-free” reviews that aren’t reviews at all, but breathless, factless gushing about all the awesomeness, except for x, y ,and z, which really should have been in there, but JK Rowling doesn’t care, she’s just in it for the money now, and really the fan-ficcers are the ones that are worth reading now-adays.

    I like reading the books- but I swear, I might not make it through this fanwank without killing myself.

  • Gadren

    I’ve already looked at the book that was put on BitTorrent. 😉

  • Bjorn Watland

    Wow, the internets are leaking.

  • Occam’s razor as applied to Harry Potter? Boy, has that tool seen better days. Logic is clearly in decline.

    I will wait to see what the book says. It’s only four days, after waiting all these years you would think four days isn’t too long to get it right, would you? If you worry about spoilers, just avoid the internet and the media until you’ve read the book.

    My niece told me that RAB will turn out to have been Regulus Black and the locket is in Kreatcher’s hoard.

  • miller

    Occam’s razor doesn’t apply to fiction. You can’t just yell out “Occam’s razor!” to justify anything.

    That article was pretty funny though.

  • I’m skipping out on this last book, at least until I hear how it is from others, and perhaps forever.

    HBP was just too much of a let down for me, completely ruining the series (thank goodness for fanfic).

  • The problem with applying Occam’s Razor to the Harry Potter world is that the supernatural explanations that require a boatload of assumptions in the real world require bupkis in Harry’s world.

    Which requires fewer assumptions, that Snape was able to deceive Dumbledore for over a decade or that Dumbledore had Snape bound by an unbreakable vow?