Baby Got Book (with Explanations)

It’s an old video, but Ben at Eclectics Anonymous provides a guide for the references you may not understand, like the “Thompson chain” and “koinonia.”

Is there an atheist response video to this one?

If there isn’t, there should be…

Baby Got Dawk?

Baby Got Book and the Book got Contradictions?

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  • globalizati

    “and if you’re Catholic, there’s even more.”

    Best. part. But maybe I’m just up too late.

  • Logos

    is it just me, or does the guy in that video seem like a tool?

  • Tina B.


  • Jen

    I have heard that video before, and I am shocked by how much I didn’t pick up on. I thought I knew about most of the translations- how does anyone keep track?€

  • Kevin

    “Baby Got Book and the Book got Contradictions?”

    Made me lol right in the middle of a quiet library, got the ol’ deadeye from one of the librarians.

  • Maria

    LOL, cute. I gotta admit it’s a good paraody of Sir Mix A lot

  • Mike C

    I’m not sure a response is needed. It’s already satirically poking fun at certain types of Christians.