The Sunday Morning Challenge

Rolf at Jamonation has a challenge for everyone:

… watch one hour of Sunday morning Evangelical Christian religious television programing and post a comment regarding [your] resultant thoughts and reaction.

There’s a lesser second challenge of watching Christian television for an hour, period.

The folks at Jamonation add this disclaimer:

We at Jamonation accept no responsibility if, for some reason, you are converted to Evangelical Christianity by participating in The Sunday Morning Challenge.

And that happens every time, so be warned!

They specifically invite secular readers to participate in the Challenge, but I think a lot of Christian readers here have their own thoughts on these programs. And those thoughts are probably not much different from what the non-religious people have to say.

So, to the religious, feel free to throw in your two cents over here!

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  • Karen

    No, thanks. My stomach is too fragile on Sunday morning.

  • I am a follower of Christ and a pastor but I have to admit that Christian television actually makes me laugh out loud. That is until I get angry that these are the people that others are using to qualify their views of Christianity.

    In my opinion, TBN is to Christianity as Jerry Springer is to Humanity. It’s an interesting “Circus” type event but it is far from mass reality.

    Anyway, I am a new subscriber and love the blog.

  • Scott

    I agree with James. I am a youth pastor, and I think that few things are more damaging and disrepectful to the name of Christ than most of the nut cases on television. Thanks for not judging all of us based on what you see on tv!