Christians and Muslims clash. It’s brutal. The victims are beaten to death. Beheadings occur. Then the criminals try to hide the bodies. 17 men took part in this crime.

The 17 men were all Christians, by the way.

They did it in response to Indonesian government executions of three Christians last year.

So much for that whole forgiveness thing…

(via Deep Thoughts)

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  • Siamang

    Don’t worry, those weren’t real Christians.

  • Maria

    it’s typical human revenge. “you killed some of my people now I’ll kill some of yours”. it happens regardless of background. obviously many people don’t take the forgiveness think seriously. thing is, the Indonesian government DOES kill too often. the radical Muslims are taking it over and killing anyone who isn’t one of them………as this happens more and more, people are going to take the law into their own hands

  • LilJase

    Can i ask why this was posted on this site?

  • FriendlyAtheist

    Can i ask why this was posted on this site?

    It’s an example of brutality in the name of religion.