This is Scary

And not just because the website is Baptists for [Sam] Brownback 2008.


***Update*** It’s most likely a parody, but with Brownback supporters, can you ever be certain…?

Referring to the idea of using the Scarlet A to represent atheists, Pastor Tobin Maker writes this:

I remember how the brilliance of this “A” idea was seared into my consciousness when I first read The Scarlet Letter in my college days. It led me to wonder why such a device is not used in today’s society. Would it not be a wonderful thing to be able to recognize sinners and unbelievers of every stripe by merely noting the colorful badges sewn onto their clothing?

Today, in an America filled with adulterers and baby-killers, an even worse sinner casts a shadow over them all—the atheist. Yet atheists are difficult to spot. They hide their sinister cult behind masks of smiles, science and soft, pleasant voices. Your next door neighbor might be an atheist. You just can’t tell.

Imagine if it was simple to identify atheists and their tainted works. Would it not be grand? Think of how much easier it would be to protect your children’s eyes, ears and souls from atheistic influences if their websites, books, movies and yes, even their very clothes, were clearly labeled with a bright scarlet “A”.

I think he’s serious. Yeesh.

Nice of him to say our “cult” has “masks of smiles, science and soft, pleasant voices.” How often do you hear a conservative Christian say that? 🙂

I’m not understanding the final paragraph, though. Haven’t the ideas of banning books and having an M (for Mature) rating for video games/TV shows shown people that if you try to censor something from your kids, they’ll just want it more?

Also, can someone tell me what constitutes atheist clothing…?

I’d write more, but I’m hungry and the fetus I’m having for lunch is nearly thawed.

(Thanks to Bargal20 for the link!)

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