Fark’s Response to the OUT Campaign

The Fark headline reads:

Atheists urge atheists to come out of the closet by wearing an ‘A’ to make it even easier for fundies to round them up and stone them as required by the Old Testament

If you’d like to see what people who don’t normally read atheist blogs have to say about it, check out the comments.

The most amusing discussion for me stemmed from the guy who asked:

But I’m agnostic. What do I do?

The best responses:

Buy the shirt but wear it inside out.

sit around wondering whether the shirt exists

Ask god.

You could get a shirt with a big Ag on it, but then you risk the chance of people thinking you’re silver.

You buy the shirt but never wear it.

I say he gets a shirt with a lower case “a”…

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  • Maria

    I say he gets a shirt with a lower case “a”…

    LOL! I thought about that myself actually. I have to say your solution is my fav……..what would you suggest for humanists, pantheists, and other non-theists?