I Don’t Like This Juxtaposition…


The Skepdudes 2008 Calendar isn’t even out yet…

(via Ashley)

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  • http://reasonableatheist.blogspot.com Bart

    Um. What is that picture from?

  • http://friendlyatheist.com FriendlyAtheist

    I’m not quite sure… I think Ashley was just having fun placing my book next to others she found :)

    And I’m curious as to how interesting this game can get.

  • Logos

    OOOO when can we see you strip?

  • Maria


  • http://www.let-me-be-frank.blogspot.com Stephen

    Maybe “Paint” is right underneath… :-p

  • http://ohiorationalresponders.com/ Ashley Schulte

    Nope, it’s a book about stripping. =P

    It’s just a dream I’ve had for while now. *sighs*