Flatland: The Movie

This isn’t atheist-related. I’m just excited. And mad that no one told me about this earlier.

Flatland has been made into a movie!

The book is about the wonders of two-dimensional Geometry (Yes, you can be excited about that). And it’s wonderful.

If you haven’t read the book, you can do so for free here. It’s a relatively quick read. Or just buy it. It’s only $2.00!

If you have read the book (and I suspect many of this site’s readers have…), then watch the movie’s trailer. It made my day.

Hehe… Square-ical 🙂

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  • wow.. i was just (re)reading this a couple of days ago! fun!

  • Susan

    I heard about this maybe a month ago, and got totally excited! So excited, in fact, that I went and reread Flatland, as well as two of its sequels, Sphereland and Flatterland, which are both very fun extensions of the ideas and story of the original. I’m going to have to organize my school’s math department to have a Flatland movie-night.

  • One word… AWESOME!

  • This reminds me of Mathman.

  • Thanks for posting this Hemant. As Richard said, awesome!

  • I just found through Wikipedia that there have been other films made:


    This one looks similar but lower budget: