Maybe I Am Too Friendly…

Atheist Perspective is right: Jesus and I are hanging out *way* too much.

(The video’s not working on my site for some reason, so go to his and check it out!)

You know, I can guess where he got my face picture… but how did he know I own that shirt?!

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  • Miresse

    Wow, that was awesome. Thank you for sharing this, I seriously lol’ed. 😉 Who knew Jesus could boogie like that?

  • ollie

    Not just any Jesus, but a Nordic one at that! :)

  • Kelly

    You have some sweet moves, my man!

  • The Exterminator

    Now you’re going to have to change the name of your blog to “The Twinkle-toed Atheist,” and write a new book called I Sold My Dancin’ Feet on eBay.

  • Eliza

    but how did he know I own that shirt?!

    Oooh, and your jewelry is pretty special, too!

  • Maria


  • Mriana

    ROFLMBO! That was too funny! Now what I want to know is, how do you dance with Jesus if you don’t believe in him? Or in this case, it? 😆 Oh wait, you don’t believe in God. yeah that’s it. 😉 Just teasing, Hemant. Even my Church of Christ friend thought that was funny. I told her it was not offensive, but rather funny. She got a laugh out it too. :) Humm… Maybe the guy has a point.