How to Use Facebook to Your Advantage

If you’re a college atheist seeking out other like-minded people, Andy Buttler has a helpful article on how to use Facebook to help you achieve that goal:

  1. Search within your campus network or geographic area.
  2. Search by “Religious Views.” If you’re doing an advanced search, Facebook will only let you select from a drop-down box. This is a good place to start, since you can search for atheists, agnostics, and Unitarian Universalists.
  3. Some people list their religious views as humanist, none, infidel, Pastafarian, skeptic, or any one of a great many bizarre permutations. To find them, you will have to look for these terms in the general search bar, and then figure out where in the person’s profile they appear (i.e. if someone appears in a search for “infidel,” is it because their religious views field says “infidel,” or because their interests say “infidelity?”)
  4. Get creative. Did you know you can do an advanced search by Favorite Book? Why not see who’s a fan of The God Delusion or The End of Faith?
  5. When you find someone whose profile suggests they might be interested in your organization, send them an invitation to join your Facebook group. (You do have a Facebook group, right?)
  6. Split up or rotate invitation duty among several officers and a few days, if possible. Facebook tracks the number of group invitations you’re sending out, and you might reach your daily quota before you get to everyone.

And of course, you’re all welcome to join the general Secular Student Alliance Facebook group.

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