I Love Non-Scientific Polls

The Larry King Live “religion” poll over time…






Nice job, you atheist majority :)

So what have we all learned from this?

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  • Kate

    That “polls” are a crappy use of idiot-statistics. 😉

    I nearly spit soda all over the keyboard when I checked back on the poll and saw how high it was…

  • http://terahertz.wordpress.com THz

    I learned you care enough to not only cause a heavy bias in a pole, but to track the progress of that pole quite frequently through a day (since I only saw it go from ~10% atheist to 71%).

  • llewelly

    Again we see that those who participate the most appear to be the majority, even if they are merely the nosiest (or the most script happy … ) .
    This is why many political experts argue that the less popular one’s own opinion, the more important it is to participate in polls, surveys, communities, and so on.

  • Craig

    Gotta have faith in those unscientific polls!

  • http://20gramsoul.com Richard

    What have we learned?

    Never trust statistics (unless they support your argument).

  • Darfasti

    I wouldn’t say to never trust statistics. Statistics can be informative as long as the data wasn’t gathered in an idiotic way, and the sample pool was truly random.

    What we can learn here is to never trust internet polls.

  • http://michaeldepaula.com Michael DePaula

    I learnd that commenter Kate has better oral-reflex control than I do.

    I also learned that a cola-soaked monitor is not a fashion statement.

  • http://asciian.blogspot.com ascian

    Why did no christians hit the site with a script I wonder? 😛

  • Maria

    I learned that when people organize, they can have a lot of clout

  • Chiyo-chan

    This is done by a site called 4chan
    They are quite infamous for doing this kind of stuff

  • http://hoverfrog.wordpress.com/ hoverFrog

    I learnt that Jehovah’s Witnesses aren’t Christians. I’m glad someone corrected me on that because I always thought that they were. Also there are only 83 Hindus in America.

  • valhar2000

    I learned that there is a non-christian sect called “Jehova?s Witnesses”, and that it is important not to confuse them with the more well-known Jehova’s Witnesses.

  • Chiyo-chan

    I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness I certainly didn’t feel like a Christian. You can see why I am a Atheist.

  • skar3000

    I learnt that Atheists are good at scripting. That CAN’T be a legit survey result, can it? o.O

  • W Montana

    Unlike national elections, this time my vote counted.

  • stogoe

    I learned that it’s quite easy to get atheists to organize over something that’s insignificant (like a freeping a poll), but impossible to get them to stop bickering long enough to do something meaningful (like exploding the closet and being publicly non-theistic).

  • http://www.rekounas.org rekounas

    Believers don’t quite know how to use the Internet.

  • http://emergingpensees.com Mike C

    Why did no christians hit the site with a script I wonder?

    Better things to do I suppose. Some people need to get a life.

  • Chris P

    There’s a thread over at the Internet Infidel’s forums (IIDB) about the poll. I think that everyone found it and logged into the poll.

  • biologist.nick

    W. Montana…That was the funniest thing I’vee seen all day.

  • http://www.myspace.com/leecookebarbo The Female Lee

    I’m thinking it’s time that one of us run for president now… QUICK… before we’re no longer the majority!

  • Mriana

    Well on Dawkins board, it gave a closet atheist the courage to come out of the closet. 😆 I had to say, “Oh, um… about that Larry King Poll. Hemant Mehta helped with that. He got everyone on his blog to “skew” the vote. So that along with whoever else voted helped with that.” 😆 I hope I didn’t cause his courage to go down. :( Poor guy. He should never trust statistics.