Article on Ellery Schempp

The Washington Post ran a terrific profile of atheist activist Ellery Schempp the other day.

If the name isn’t familiar, his Supreme Court case certainly is:

His protest began a half-century ago, when Ellery Schempp opened the Quran during his high school’s mandatory Bible reading time and silently scanned passages he was too nervous to actually read.

That minor rebellion led to a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case that outlawed school-sponsored prayer.

Ellery is also one of the nicest atheists you’ll ever meet. Check out the article and the book about him.

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  • Isaah Vincent

    he sure is. at the last conference, ellery let a bunch of us heathens use his house as a crash house. sweetest man you’ll ever meet. he loved having us over even when we got ourselves lost somewhere in the boston burbs at 2 am.