I Knew I Should’ve Trademarked the “Friendly” Brand

The Friendly Christian came into existence earlier this month.

Now, we also have the Friendly Humanist! It’s like friendly atheism. Except Timothy Mills is British. Which makes him cooler than me. So go visit him!

I’m still awaiting the Friendly Scientologist blog.

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  • Aj

    It seems the Friendly Humanist already runs a good blog.

    I don’t quite understand why Christianity needed a friendly advocate. People don’t like Atheists, we kill cats after all. When people think others are vile, they call them godless, which was the original meaning of Atheos, where Atheist comes from. People associate Christianity with charity, ethics, and all things good.

    The Dandy Warhols – Godless

    Hey I said you’re godless and
    it seems like you’re a souless friend
    as heartless as you were back then
    I swear that you are godless
    hey I guess you’re lonely when
    I gave you all it took so then
    a stranger there is ever been
    I guess, it’s what you wanted
    it seems lonely I would be
    I begged, I plead
    but this is all that I have gotten
    hey as for the day my friend
    to hope that you could ever bend
    I swear you are, I swear you are
    I swear, that you are godless
    hey I said you’re godless
    hey and you’re a souless friend
    hey I said you’re heartless
    and I swear, I swear
    you’re godless

  • Tim Mills


    I’m afraid the blog you mention fizzled when we discovered Facebook – a much better way to manage the student society’s social calendar.

    And now we have a website hosted by the university. Perhaps we should just move all the content over and delete the blog so nobody gets misled. (Can you tell that I’m completely new to all this web-presence stuff?)


    Thanks for linking to me. You really are a model for the kind of humanist face I want to present to the world. Keep up the great work.

  • LOL Hemant. Looks like you’ve started something here 🙂

  • Tao Jones

    Can I start the Friendly Secularist blog and be cool because I’m Canadian?

    I actually found this blog by searching for “friendly atheist” on Google because I wondered if there were any atheists promoting a friendly approach rather than the Blasphemy Challenge nonsense of the Rapid Response Squad.

  • monkeymind

    Can’t wait for a Quaker to start a “Friendly Friend” blog.

  • Before the “friendly atheist” there was Dan Barker’s call sign “friendly neighborhood atheist”, which might be based on “friendly neighborhood spiderman”. Was “friendly neighborhood X” a common meme before Stan Lee associated it with Spiderman?

  • Richard Wade

    Was “friendly neighborhood X” a common meme before Stan Lee associated it with Spiderman?

    Yes, from the 1950’s I remember the phrase, “Your friendly neighborhood (something)” but I can’t remember what that something was. Milkman, perhaps.

    While I’m glad the idea of friendliness is spreading, I can foresee some applications that might take some time for people to believe, or would see as being oxymorons. The Friendly Muslim. The Friendly Satanist. The Friendly Pedophile (Google “Jack McClellan”). The Friendly Klansman. The Friendly Crip. The Friendly Terrorist.
    Oh, we’re all so friendly!

  • I’m still awaiting the Friendly Scientologist blog.

    I thought I’d let you know that the Church of Scientology was not amused by this remark, and a lawsuit is pending.

  • db0

    I thought I’d let you know that the Church of Scientology was not amused by this remark, and a lawsuit is pending.

    From the Friendly Lawyer? 😛

    other interesting friendlies we could see
    The Friendly Nazi
    The Friendly Fascist
    The Friendly Cannibal
    The Friendly Athiest (eh? eh? Thank you, I’ll be here all week)