International Humanist Youth

The latest Humanist Network News podcast features students who attended the International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organization conference in India last year.

You can listen to it below; it’s episode #22.

The episode features these segments:

Segment 1: International Humanist Youth in India

The Society for Humanism (SOCH) Nepal reports on the IHEYO Conference held in India. This segment includes recordings from the speakers at the conference with commentary.

End: 16:45

Segment 2: Humanism in the East and West

Our guest hosts in Nepal interview conference attendees about the struggles of humanists in Asia.

End: 29:37

Segment 3: Humanist Youth Speak Up

Our guest hosts in Nepal ask young European and Asian humanists what they have learned from each other.

End: 59:30

Songs: “What All the Screaming’s About?” by David Rand (Harvard University) Robot Goes Here

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