A Couple Reviews…

Here is Richard Dawkins‘ review of Christopher Hitchens‘ book God is Not Great.

And here is Nica Lalli reviewing the life of Mother Teresa:

As an atheist, I feel somewhat satisfied [by] this admission [that Mother Teresa had doubts] (even as I admit that she never wanted such facts about her private life made public). I am pleased that a big-name religious icon — a person who will more than likely become a saint — had doubts. It is not a mean kind of satisfaction; I am not gleeful at the pain or unhappiness expressed in the letters, I do not feel smug, or even vindicated for my non-belief. But I do feel that her doubts make my non-belief a little more comprehensible to the “true believers.” If Mother Teresa had doubts, then my doubts might be okay, too.

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  • Bad

    Deepak Chopra’s review of Dawkins’ God Delusion (from this quarter’s Skeptic Magazine) is up on his website.

    I then reviewed the looniest part of his review. 🙂

  • I read Lalli’s book Nothing, it was a fun read but she comes across as really unsecure and doesn’t want to hurt anyones feelings even if she has to bow down to them, in that review she sounds like the kind of non-believer who wishes that religion was true and that there really was a god.
    It doesn’t matter one bit to my atheism that Agnes (Mother Theresa) had doubts.
    As for her comment she’s in Richard’s camp, the god that Mother Theresa and her church subscribe to and that Mother Theresa had doubts about certainly does not exist, Richard Dawkin’s “doubt” is for the deistic kind of god.