Get a Humanist Education for Free!

The Continuum of Humanist Education (COHE) is now offering their online, interactive humanist educational program completely free of charge.

COHE courses explore humanist thought in history, philosophy, psychology, religion, science, ethics, activism and politics. COHE course authors includes notable humanist activists such as evolutionary biology professor Massimo Pigliucci, Ph.D. and former humanist lobbyist Tim Gordnier, Ph.D.

Even if you don’t want to take a “full course,” do yourself a favor and look around to see what material is available!

(Via Humanist Network News)

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  • Mriana

    I’ve been taking these courses for quite some time now. I liked the freebies so much that I just could not get enough. I’m now taking the $25 courses. 😆 Yup! They’re getting rich off me, but I’m getting something out of it too. 😉

  • Mriana

    I just found out all the courses are now free! COOL! I just signed up for a few other courses that were $25! That leaves me 3 more courses to sign up for, but I’m doing 4 currently. :( Don’t know if I can handle all 7 at one time, even though they give you 6 months to finish them. This is sooooo COOOOOL!