Letter from an Atheist in Time Magazine

August Berkshire of Minnesota Atheists (and author of 18 Unconvincing Arguments for God) is in the media for the second time in a week!

You can see his most recent letter-to-the-editor in the new issue of Time magazine:

Religious believers often cite feeling God’s presence as proof of his existence. Now people point to Teresa’s lack of feeling the presence of Jesus as proof of God’s existence. These people note her courage in persevering despite severe doubts. If she had been even more courageous, she would have admitted she was an atheist. Helping the poor without a belief in a heavenly reward is one of the greatest aspects of secular humanism.

August Berkshire, MINNEAPOLIS

Well said! And in a national magazine, no less!

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  • There certainly does appear to be a good deal of non-theist material making it into mainstream content at the moment. I was in a magazine store yesterday and saw what looked like a pull-out from New Scientist magazine with the title “What good is God?”. Then I went to a Borders that had recently opened in a town I was visiting, and found the religion section had facings specifically for “God is Not Great” and “Infidel”.

    Great stuff!