Atheist Alliance International Convention Meta-Post Preview

So, who all is going to the Atheist Alliance International convention in a few weeks?

And, even more importantly, who plans to blog about it?

Please leave a comment if you’re coming and also leave a link to your site if you’re going to make a post about your experience!

I’ll create a meta-post (Mehta-post?) of all the participants’ write-ups after the convention is over.

Hopefully, those unable to come to the convention will still be able to take in what was going on from those fortunate enough to get tickets!

If you prefer not to leave a comment, but would still like to participate, please contact me and let me know.

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  • writerdd

    Alas I won’t be able to make it. I look forward to reading about it though. Maybe next year…..

  • Karen

    I’m not going to make it either, though I will probably purchase the online pass so I can watch some of the sessions.

    Writerdd, it looks like the 2008 event will be held right near me in Long Beach, CA. Let’s plan to get a group to attend together next year! :-)

  • Brock

    I’ll be there! I’m not sure how much I’ll blog about it, but I’m sure I’ll at least do a wrap-up after the fact.

  • Bad

    Meh, with the internet, who needs to go anywhere anymore?

    Plus, I’m broke. :)

  • Greg

    I will be attending and will post about it before and after. I have combined the trip with a family vacation and we will not be returning home until the Wednesday after the convention. I may not be posting a recap until our return.

    It oughta be a lot of fun!