Get in There!

If anyone caught The Colbert Report last night, you heard Stephen open up the show with this teaser (hand gestures included):

This is the church.

This is the steeple.

Open the doors…

Get in there, you atheist!


(Done and done.)

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  • grazatt

    Hemant, why haven’t you been on the show?

  • Hemant

    Ahh, how I would love to be. There was an attempt made when the eBay book came out, but the show gets 308423 offers a day, and mine wasn’t selected. We’ll try again if there’s a next time :)

  • grazatt

    Well, when and what is your next book?

  • Hemant

    That’s a good question. I’m working on one… No definites yet. But I’ll make an announcement if anything happens.