I Love This Group’s Name

It’s just so perfect.

Occam’s Razors (formerly known as the Razorback Freethought Alliance) at the University of Arkansas – Fayetteville was featured in a nice article in the current issue of their college paper.

They managed to get some great statements in the piece:

“I was raised in a very strict, fundamentalist tradition of Christianity,” said Teresa Blalock, vice president of the Razorback Freethought Alliance.

“In high school, when I began to question things like whether or not everything in the Bible should be taken literally, I was told that some things should simply be believed based on faith. This wasn’t a satisfactory answer for me, yet I had no other alternative,” she said.

Kevin Metcalf, a law school student who has worked 18 years in law enforcement, founded the Razorback Freethought Alliance.

“Working in counter-terrorism led me to investigate the Islam culture and beliefs so that I could better understand the extremist perspective that includes acts of violence,” Metcalf said.

“This led me to explore my own beliefs, and I found that they were not any better supported than any other belief system based on faith.” Metcalf said he “recognized the inherent danger of basing action on faith and revealed religion.”

Being an atheist or agnostic, Metcalf said, does not change nearly as much about a person as many seem to think.

“We hope to raise consciousness that atheists, agnostics, skeptics, humanists and freethinkers in general are just like everyone else,”

Metcalf said, “We are moral, productive, patriotic citizens.”

And this one from the faculty sponsor:

[Physics professor Bill] Harter decided to become the faculty sponsor of this group because he “was quite concerned with the inability of current students to think clearly and critically as well as their tendency to accept primitive superstitions.”

The Freethinkers, as they are called, are a unique group, Harter said, for “where else can a student escape the mind-shrink and make-believe that permeates the current society and mature into an adult?”

It’s great coverage for a brand new group.

(via the Secular Student Alliance)

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