Posted. Reddited. Crashed.

I posted this link Sunday night.

It made it onto the front page of the social bookmarking site Reddit. (By my count, it peaked at #14 — a new record for this site!)


My Bluehost-provided shared servers couldn’t handle it.

My apologies to those of you who came to the site and were greeted with an overload/suspended error.

Hopefully, it’s all better by the time you’re reading this.

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  • Kate

    It was the zeros, Hemant. All of those zeros overflowed the Internets and caused your site to crash. The creationists were right! 😉

  • Richard Wade

    Hopefully, it’s all better by the time you’re reading this.

    Well if we couldn’t read it, it wouldn’t all be better…

  • Mriana

    I haven’t be able to find that one. Now that it’s calmer I will hopefully find it, but I’m still getting that CPU thingy. 🙁

  • Mriana

    Where is that thread? I can’t find it.