Happy New Atheist

Everyone go say hello to Kyle, The Happy New Atheist!

I just want to say how grateful am to all of those people in the world who have made this possible for me and the many others who have come to this conclusion about life: that it is miraculous, astonishing, profoundly beautiful, and entirely, wonderfully god-free. Life is suddenly worth living simply for what it is.

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  • I posted this comment over there, but I’d like to include it here as well:

    There’s no background of a scarlet B. The scarlet A is ironic and saucy. I like it. And it will be added to mywebsite when the new redesign is published.

    I think the New Atheist movement is incredibly effective. It has encouraged me to come out as an atheist in my public persona as a book author, and I have also started writing publicly about atheisim on skepchick.org and will soon be writing on deconversion.org (& .com) as well. I also post about atheism on a yahoo group about writing that I participate in whenever someone posts about “The Lord.” I always get private responses of support from others who are too timid to speak up against the nonsense. I always tell them that I hope they will not allow themselves to be silenced any more.

    Everyone who knows me personally has known about my nonbelief for years. But it was only after reading The End of Faith that I decided I needed to be more vocal about it publicly, and not worry about losing readers. And after reading The God Delusion, I have become even more bold in my assertions.

    I’m an ABC Atheist — Angry, Bitchy, and Crabby.

    I’ve been this way since George Bush was elected president and it gets stronger every year. I’m also a happy person, except when I read about the religious idiots who are trying to take over America. This is not a joke.

    I could write a book about it but I’ll refrain here and save it for the real book I’m working on.

  • I’ll check it out. In the meantime, I’m very happy to learn that we actually have 22 atheists in Congress! See http://tinyurl.com/2f5f9g

  • Great, 21 atheist wimps in Congress. How helpful for the cause.

  • I need to have a coming out party or something….Thanks Hemant!

  • AV

    If she’s an atheist, how can she possibly be happy?