Everyday Woman

Rev. Dan at Outchurched tells us all about a Christian magazine called Everyday Woman.

Everyday Woman is a magazine about, I suppose, everyday women… whatever that means. (Are there “ceremonial women” or “special women” that you’re s’posed to drag out for special occasions or something?)

According to Dan, what’s the best part of the magazine?

The logo at the top.


A response to what’s inside, perhaps…?

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  • http://paxnortona.notfrisco2.com Joel Sax

    Oh boy. Another example of the merits of Christian education in the language arts?

  • Mriana

    Another article about how women should be submissive because it says so in the Bible?

  • Vincent

    I’ll be happy to have a woman every day.

  • Kate

    Mriana – article? Try the whole magazine, most likely. 😛

    Yuck, “EW” is the perfect way to describe a magazine like that.

  • Mriana

    😆 This is true.