Convention Day 1: Brief Update

Great speeches by Richard Dawkins/Sam Harris.

I have entertaining pictures.

I was Daniel Dennett for an evening. (<--- Not a typo)

I'm very sleepy.More later.

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  • Mriana

    I’m jealous of you and Maria. More so of Maria because she gets to meet you. 😆

    It must be cool to meet Dawkins.

    I don’t see a typo. :)

  • Susan

    How dare you tease us like this?!? You were Daniel Dennet for a day? Details, details!

  • Kelly

    I saw you on the live stream last night! I said, “Damn, I know that guy from somewhere.” Didn’t you get to ask a question to Dawkins about his book? Very cool. I plan to blog later this weekend about the presentations. Please let us know how Hitchens’ presentation is.

    And how were you Daniel Dennet?????

  • Ben

    Tease, tease, tease!!

  • mollishka

    Sleepy posts are so funny.