%$#&ing Cubs

Somehow, I blame Rex Grossman for this.

"There's no lighting matches in Baseball!!!"

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  • http://www.friendlychristian.com Bill Cecchini

    HAHA! Love the Rex comment.

    As a Lions fan, each year I promise myself, “I’m not coming back again next year. It’s too painful.”

    Like you, though, I’m stuck. Enjoy!

  • http://skeptigator.com Skeptigator

    Hemant: I’ll take Double Trouble for $1000, Alex
    Trebek: The Cubs will win the World Series and spreading rational thought in America.
    Hemant: What are lost causes?

    I actually find baseball to be extremely boring so I don’t watch but I can assume the Cubbies screwed something up… again. I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana (about 3 hours east of Chicago) so the Cubbies are big here.

  • HappyNat

    Eh, I never thought the cubs were very good this year so I’m not surprised. A large fanbase and a big payroll won’t win you anything in October. Don;t give up on them yet, god works in mysterious ways. :)

  • http://www.cogspace.com/ Katie Molnar

    I didn’t even know what you were talking about until I read the comments and figured out it was baseball. =)

    Sometimes, I surprise myself with my girlishness. Yikes.

    Someday I want a shirt depicting a blog comment flamewar with the text “Blogs work in mysterious ways.”

    Or maybe some PHP code!