Support the Internet Infidels!

The Internet Infidels are currently running the Second Annual IIDB $10K Challenge.

For over a decade, the Internet Infidels Inc. has maintained the Secular Web Kiosk and Library and the II Discussion Board with large grants donated by a handful of generous individuals, and smaller amounts donated by others. As the sites grew, our webhosting costs increased. The cost to operate the IIDB alone is nearly $10,000 annually.

Please consider helping them! They provide a lot of great reading material for academics and laypeople who want to learn about atheism. The discussion board alone is a great source to bounce ideas off of and ask questions to a huge and helpful audience.

I gave $10 this afternoon. Hopefully some of you are capable of donating more.

They just passed the $6666.66 mark (ha!), so consider helping them get the final third.

You can donate by going here.

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