TED Talks Compilation

The TED conference is described as a “group of remarkable people that gather to exchange ideas of incalculable value.”

Simply put: Brilliant people saying incredible things… and the talks are relatively short, too.

The TED blog compiled a list of all 150 talks that have been uploaded to their site, along with descriptions.

It’s hard to pick out just a couple favorites since they’re all so good (<--- not an exaggeration), but these two were among the first I saw and they got me hooked on the rest:

Good luck getting any work done tomorrow :)

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  • http://joshuamcharles.com/blog Josh Charles

    As a teacher, you may find Sir Ken Robinson’s TED video quite interesting.

    You’re right about all of them being awesome. There may be one or two that don’t really get it done, but for the most part, they’re quite amazing.

  • Aj

    When you mentioned Shermer’s talk at TED, I did recommend you watch them all 😉

    If you have the time, run through the TED videos, there’s lots of gems in them, from a vast range of subjects.

    That still stands for everyone, watch them!

  • http://friendlyatheist.com Hemant

    And it was wonderful advice!

    Everyone, go watch them all :)

  • James

    The Sir Ken Robinson one is great, the first one I saw was Dan Gilbert on happiness he also has an interesting article on athiesm, from a psychological perspective on his website.

  • http://joshuamcharles.com/blog/ Josh Charles

    And don’t forget the great quote from Daniel Dennett:

    “The secret to happiness is to find something more important than yourself and dedicate your life to it.”