America’s Next Top Religion

I’d watch this show.

Dan Savage tells us his idea:

Devout contestants representing all the major world religions will be left on a deserted island with a large group of religious people, agnostics, and atheists. The religion that wins the most converts in, say, six months’ time wins the coveted “World’s Fastest-Growing Religion” title. No forced conversions allowed—no point of the sword stuff, Islam! And no conversions of children—no baptizing babies, Catholics, and no manipulative “teen nights,” Evangelical Christians! Points will awarded on a sliding scale: wishy-washy agnostics are worth 25 points; religious people—a.k.a. folks that already fell for it—are worth 50 points; honest-to-God atheists are worth 100 points.

A few thoughts:

  • An atheist is worth four agnostics. I like it.
  • If an atheist is worth 100 points, what is PZ worth?
  • Six months on an isolated island trying to get converted by representatives of various religions? It’s like college all over again…

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  • It’s like college all over again…

    Hahahaha. Touche.

  • It should be PZ FTW.

    Game Over

  • Mriana

    Why does this bother me? It’s a very poor joke, IMO.

  • If an atheist is worth 100 points, what is PZ worth?

    That’s easily computed as the sum: PYGMIES + DWARFS

  • Richard Wade

    Constant, competitive proseletizing with nowhere to escape? Before six months is up no one will be left alive.

  • stogoe

    Hey, it’s better than televising Lord of the Flies

    Really, both the people who came up with Kid Nation and the people who gave it the okay to air should be smacked, once a day, for a thousand years.

  • Monty

    PZ? I’d say 1000 points, plus 150 more for each minute he’s convinced. But remember, if he becomes rational again, AUTOMATIC CONTEST FAILURE!

  • Scotty B

    So what happens when the atheists get in discussions with the others and start to “convert” people toward logic and rationality?