I ♥ The New Pornographers

I’m falling asleep as I type.

I just came back from The New Pornographers‘ concert at Metro in Chicago.

Best. Concert. Ever.

I was this close |—-| to Neko Case.

My life is complete now.

  • aaron

    so i take it that they did not arrive too late to play their bleeding heart show

  • http://www.matsonwaggs.wordpress.com Kelly

    Color me jealous!

  • http://spaninquis.wordpress.com/ Spanish Inquisitor

    Perhaps I’m showing my age, but I have no idea who they are. Should a 53 year old be aware of them?

  • http://acriticalmass.wordpress.com Darren

    Single. Word. Sentences. Really. Annoy. Me.

  • Andrew

    Big Neko Case fan myself. I prefer her solo work though.

    And they are an Indie Band, so most people have no idea who they are much less who is in their band. Im just from Austin.