Scarlet A is Up

I still wish the Scarlet A wasn’t such a coy way to represent atheism… but since so many people have the image on their sites, maybe it can eventually reach a Tipping Point.

I’ll do my part to help make that happen. The A image is now in the sidebar.

If you want to add it on yours, the html code is here.

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  • Spin Sycle

    Thanks man! I just added it to my site!

  • Joel Sax

    Hm. Maybe it’s time for a silver A for agnosticism. Just so we don’t get lumped.

  • Isaah Vincent

    if not the scarlet A, why not use the A on the Virginia Atheists and Agnostics site. its orange and has Atheist across the sidebar. a much more positive A if i do say so myself.

    Self promotion++

  • Hemant

    Here’s a link to the site Isaah refers to above.

  • Atheistyouth

    why would you want something coy!?! i wouldget a shirt that said atheist but something meant to be secretive suggests there is something to hide or be ashamed of which is the wrong message to send, it says it is okay to discriminate because they don’t want you to know. don’t be caught as an athiest be proclaiming it.

  • vjack

    Ah, so as soon as the Out Campaign site develops a blogroll for people displaying the symbol, you decide to add it. I’m just kidding around. But I think I’m going to hold out a bit more. I can’t get past the whole Nathaniel Hawthorne thing.