FFRF Conference Videos

If you missed the Freedom From Religion Foundation convention a couple weeks ago, you can now watch videos of everything here!

The videos showcase Julia Sweeney, Christopher Hitchens, and Ellery Schempp.

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  • Aj

    Why are they using microsoft’s formats and streaming the content over mms? It’s seems to be this or Real’s equally bad format/software. FFRF have a radio show, they could have recorded the audio themselves at least.

  • Daniel

    Hitchens was brilliant as always but I was quite dispirited by the reaction of the audience which seemed more like it was at a ‘Freedom From Republicans Foundation’ meeting. It really appears that the majority of new so-called atheists are far more concerned with their political affiliation than their stand against religion.

  • Darryl

    I was not surprised by the questioners’ opposition to Hitchen’s views on the war. Hitch is the exception as an atheist in America. I assume that there are more left-leaning atheists than right-leaning ones only because there are more intellectuals on the left than the right. This is the simplest way to account for the anti-war positions of atheists. The right has been a safe harbor for religion and the left has been the home of Marxism which is atheist and critical of religion.

    Hitch’s Marxism likely accounts for his atheism as well as his radicalism with regard to Islamo-fascism. He’s right about Iran–they cannot be permitted to have nuclear weapons. If war can be avoided, it ought to be; but if it is necessary to deprive Iran of such weapons, I think it is necessary, as horrible a prospect though this be.