A Facebook Application Worth Having

I know, I know. No one likes the annoying Facebook applications.
It’s no longer cute to get bitten by a zombie.

But here’s one that will delight some atheists.

You can put the Scarlet A from Richard Dawkins‘ OUT campaign on your Facebook page!

It’s pretty simple. It’s not annoying or obtrusive. The image just shows up on your page, and it links to the OUT campaign home page. Unlike other apps, this one doesn’t force itself onto your friends, either.

The application was created by the talented Andrew Chalkley. Go to his site to check out some screenshots of the application in action!

(via Atheism is Good)

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  • Anatoly

    I was waiting for this for so long!

  • http://theuntraditionalist.blogspot.com/ Intergalactic Hussy

    Isn’t saying “atheist” enough? I don’t get it…It seems like Richard Dawkins’ branding to me.